Light Up The Night!

Original Night Ice LED earrings come in 6 vivid colors! New Night Ice Flashers come also come in classic white, blue, purple, red, green and yellow. New Multi-Color Flashing Night Ice flash through a sequence of 7 different colors, for taking it over the top!

Night Ice crystal LED earrings project positivity and good vibes and are fun everyone. Check out I.aM.mE Crew laying it down clean sporting Night Ice! Night Ice light up earrings start with a sparkling crystal stone. Wear Night Ice as simple crystal earrings all day without the light, and attach the batteries when you want the LED light under the stone to turn on!

Check out Emelio Dosal's amazing audition on So You Think You Can Dance!Proof that Night Ice earrings give you extra powers. Use promo code 2013 for 10% off.

Light up earrings are instant conversation starters! Collect all the Night Ice LED earring colors and styles and light up every party. Night Ice glowing earrings are perfect for dance parties (see above), concerts, and sporting events!
Night Ice light up earrings are stud earrings for pierced ears that that light up and they get tons of compliments! Good thing you can turn them off when it's time to chill.

Batteries last over 30 hours and each Night Ice earring pair comes with 3 battery pairs! Night Ice crystal LED earrings make great gifts and look great on men and women and are perfect party favors. Be original, have fun, and light up every party with Night Ice LED earrings!