User Guide

Warranty & User Guide

Original Night Ice LED Earrings

For Ages 14 years and up. Stud earrings for men and women with pierced ears, that light up

How to use your Original Night Ice LED Earrings:

Originals & Flashers:
Insert the earring post into the hole on the side of the battery back. Battery backs have a post-hole on the separating wafer (Figure 1)

Multi-Color Flashers:
  • Insert the earring post into the hole on the top of the battery backs (Figure 2)
  • Once the earring post is in the battery hole, twist gently to turn on the LED light
  • Do not push the post into the battery too hard as the copper tip can bend
  • Twist the battery and loosen it to turn off the LED light
  • For Originals & Flashers, the plastic layer holding the battery unit together should not be removed

Important Safety Instructions:
Don't use Night Ice LED Earrings if you have metal allergies / hypersensitivity. Keep batteries dry.

Choking hazard:
Keep earrings and batteries away from children and pets

Product Details:
Night Ice LED Earrings are made of copper electroplated with white platina

Limited Warranty:
Night Ice LED Earrings come with a 3-month manufacturer warranty

Please contact your retailer of purchase to replace defective products. We take care of all customers. Email with any question or issue. We'll hook you up.