Original Blue LED Earrings!

Original Blue LED Earrings!
Original Blue LED Earrings!Original Blue LED Earrings!Original Blue LED Earrings!Original Blue LED Earrings!
Promo video for Night Ice Original blues. Our favorite color. Hit it!

Blue is the ultimate Night Ice ® light up earring color! This vivid blue looks like the water in the Caribbean. Blue Night Ice LED earrings look especially nice on women. It's a pretty sapphire blue that matches well with lots of outfits.

Night Ice crystal light up earrings are the ultimate fashion accessory. Night Ice LED earrings light up when you attach batteries. Light up earrings are instant conversation starters. They break the ice so you can be yourself. Night Ice LED earrings are for good times, spreading positivity, and good intentions.

Night Ice light up earrings are perfect for dance parties, night clubs and concerts. Original Night Ice LED earrings are also perfect for giant electronic mega-parties. Think EDC and electrified earrings. You'll be rewarded heavily for bringing them. :)

Use promo code 415 for 10% off at checkout! When you're not sure which glow in the dark earring color to choose, go with a few pairs of blue. Blue Night Ice LED earrings are unfadeable. Not even bleach would do the trick.

Collect all 6 Night Ice earring colors and you'll have glowing earrings to match any cool outfit. Easily get someone's attention by sporting Night Ice light up earrings and shine like you're supposed to.

Wear colored LED earrings to represent your school or favorite sports team. Get a red pair for your favorite lady for Valentine's Day! Night Ice are for lovers but not so much for haters :) Glowing earrings bring good vibes and make perfect gifts. Some think they actually have super powers, like those magnetic necklaces the ballplayers wear. I'm telling you it seems like it. Try them yourself. :)

You can find people in a crowd easily when they wear LED earrings. Never lose your friends in a big crowd again! You can even use glow earrings to keep track of your kids. Or your girlfriend. But we don't recommend Night Ice earrings for tracking. Light up earrings are a no drama product. Save the drama for your Mama. We're all about people having a good time and getting lit up!

Night Ice are original elegant light up earrings sold exclusively by The Night Ice Earring Company in San Francisco and our licensed distributors. Collect the whole set of 6 colors and all 3 styles, and you'll have light up earrings and gifts for every occasion!