Flashing Blue LED Earrings!

Flashing Blue LED Earrings!
Flashing Blue LED Earrings!Flashing Blue LED Earrings!Flashing Blue LED Earrings!Flashing Blue LED Earrings!

Blue is the ultimate LED earring color! Now there are new Night Ice ® flashing LED earrings with vivid LED light that flashes on and off! These new Night Ice flashers are perfect for dance parties, concerts, giant festivals and raves.

The blue color light looks like the water in the Caribbean. Flashing blue LED earrings look great on women. It's a pretty sapphire blue that matches well with lots of outfits. Flashing LED earrings are the ultimate accessory for raves and concerts! Think about it...your ears glow, whilst nobody else's does! That's a major advantage.

New flashing crystal light up earrings are perfect accessories for any outfit. Treat yourself to 1 pair of each color. Flashing LED earrings match any outfit! New Night Ice Flashers make outfits pop. There's no better accessory for the dance floor. Except for a helmet if you're a break dancer.

Use promo code 415 for 10% off! When you're notcolor to choose, go with blue. It's a rich electric blue. No body can fade new Night Ice flashing earrings!

Sport Night Ice ® light up earrings and get everyone's attention! You can find people in crowds more easily when they wear flashing LED earrings, so don't worry about losing your friends. You can even use glow earrings to keep track of your kids. Or your girlfriend. But we don't recommend Night Ice earrings for tracking. Save the drama for your Mama. We're all about people having a good time. And getting lit up! Get your flash on.

Night Ice light up earrings are the original brand and the quality is superior to all. Invented and sold exclusively by The Night Ice Earring Company in San Francisco and our authorized distributors. Collect the whole set of Night Ice flashing LED earrings. Perfect gifts for friends and family!