Flashing Red LED Earrings!

Flashing Red LED Earrings!
Flashing Red LED Earrings!Flashing Red LED Earrings!Flashing Red LED Earrings!Flashing Red LED Earrings!
Flashing Red Night Ice ® LED earrings look great on men and women. Project positivity with new Flashing crystal LED earrings! Flashers have a larger 7mm sparkling crystal stone. Add the batteries and they flash with red LED light! Use promo code 415 for 10% off. The party officially starts once you have them on! Everybody loves the new Flashers. Everybody will ask you about how they work and where you got them. :) Night Ice earrings are perfect ice breakers. The red LED light flashes on and off in a cool even sequence.

Night Ice light up earrings bring good luck because they emit good vibes. Wear them in Vegas and go big! Holler at your friends. Let the sun shine on your face. Live it up and be cool!

Illuminated red Night Ice LED earrings are perfect for parties, concerts and for enhancing costumes. New Night Ice Flashers are also perfect for sporting events and just hanging out with friends. Light up earrings are clutch for dance parties and nights out on the town!

Night Ice strobing red LED earring are dance floor essentials.

If your whole outfit is red, then you need red LED earrings too. Wear Night Ice to support your favorite team, or do it just for looks. Bust out the BBQ, chill with friends at the lake, and represent your country! Get red, white and blue for the 4th of July!

Night Ice flashing earrings are great for concerts, parties, and also for giant hippie festivals. Glow earrings are great for striking up conversations and meeting new people. LED earrings can be a signal that you're on vacation. Or that you're cool. Or that you're always on vacation!

New Night Ice flashing light up earrings are the perfect match for any outfit. There is no better way to get lit up when it's party time. Score some Night Ice Flashing LED earrings and get down with your friends. Perfect gifts!